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Welcome to our website, Wuxi Huawen Machinery & Electronics Co.,ltd.Twister and spindles of a professional production company.
 Yarn Doubling Winder Machines
 The rare earth permanent magnetic motor
 Two For One Twisting Machines
 Spare parts for textile machineries

TEL:86-510-85164770 85581850
ADD: Lu'ou Road 22, Hudai Industrial Park,
Wuxi City, Jiangsu
HW310G/E High Energy-efficie…
HW303 High Speed Computer-Ba…
HW308 High Speed Redrawing M…
HW363J-1Two-For-One Twister …
HW363A Double Layers Short-F…
HW310W Independent Flangeles…
HW302 Flangeless-winding Two…
HW363J-2 Two-For-One Twister…
HW310G High Speed Ultra Fine…
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Address: Lu'ou Road 22, Hudai Industrial Park, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China Tel: 86-510-85164770 85581850
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